Valerie Kay Dumas

As an artist, I am drawn to the vibrancy and diversity of the world around us. My work is an exploration of color, shape, and texture, using abstract forms to evoke the energy and vitality of the places I have visited and lived. My inspiration comes from my Floridian roots, as well as my time spent living abroad near the beaches of Antigua, Philippines, Jamaica and the South of France. Island colors.. bright and bold are my signature look that have infused my style with a sense of adventure and wanderlust. I also paint with hot wax making encaustic monotypes of beautiful coastal landscapes and colorful mermaid faces. Along with my paintings, I also makes one of a kind jewelry pieces that can be worn year round.

Valerie Kay Dumas

Abstract Artist

Valerie Dumas is a successful entrepreneur, artist, and world traveler. Born in Florida, Valerie spent her childhood living in various countries around the world, gaining a diverse and multicultural perspective on life.

After obtaining a business degree, Valerie started her career in the travel industry and eventually began her own retail store, which has been thriving for the past 11 years. Her sharp business acumen and innovative ideas have made her a leader in her community, and she is admired by her peers for her tenacity and creativity.

Despite her busy schedule, Valerie always makes time for her passions, including travel and painting. She has visited countless countries, immersing herself in the local cultures and gaining inspiration for her artwork. Valerie creates vibrant paintings using color and texture that convey the energy and spirit of the places she has visited. Her paintings have been featured in several galleries and exhibitions, earning her a loyal following of collectors.


You can find me in my art studio.. aka the "she shed" behind my 110 year old historic home in downtown Newnan, Georgia.

Historic Newnan

26 Wesley Street, Newnan, Georgia 30263 USA